Take a Trip Around the World with the MHS Wine & Cheese – by Rebecca Bartley

Welcome aboard! On March 5th, the McMaster Humanities Society (MHS) hosted their annual Wine and Cheese event in support of 522499_429634093794793_1884945909_nArts Matter Week.

The cost of the event was $5, which included event entrance, a full buffet of food, and a free drink ticket. The “world traveller” ticket was uniquely designed to look just like a plane ticket, in order to stick with this year’s theme.

This year’s theme was “Around the World” in which the MHS decorated CIBC Hall (MUSC 314/315) with various items representing different countries around the world. Dressed up in semi-formal attire, guests took a trip around the room to admire various decorations, which included various students’ artwork from the faculty as well as a large, distressed map of the world created in the 1700s.

Platters of food lined the tables in the hall, with each table representing a different country. The countries represented at this event included Canada, Hong Kong, France, Greece and Mexico.

Guests were also entertained by a live band that played throughout most of the evening while students socialized, ate food and drank wine.

59135_429633853794817_1022057869_nThe MHS also projected a live twitter feed, which allowed students to tweet about the event that night (with hashtags #MHSWnC #MHSartsmatter). Students’ tweets were then showcased throughout the night at the front of the room for all to see.

The event ended with a toast from the both the MHS President and the MHS VP Operations, thanking guests for both attending the event and their continued support of the MHS and the Faculty of Humanities.